Moving house is usually an exciting process, but there’s little doubt that it can also be exhausting and more than a bit stressful. There’s simply a lot to remember and organise, which can leave you feeling like you’re running in circles.

Before you move into your new home, it’s important to cover your basics. So what should you do at your new place before moving day comes around?

1. Get Connected

Make a list and check it twice. You’re going to need to get connected and you don’t want to forget an essential service that you can’t live without.

Ensure you’ve arranged for all your utilities to be connected from the day you move in: electricity, water, gas, internet, phone line. Arrange a mail redirect, contact your insurers, your bank, change your license address, etc.

2. Get the Carpets and Windows Cleaned

This is your new place, so if you are repulsed by the thought of someone else’s grime or dog smell being built into the carpets, then arrange to get them steam cleaned before you move in. Using a professional carpet cleaning company is going to put your mind at rest and set you up for a good, clean start.

Also, you really don’t know the extent of the cleaning the previous tenants or owners went to. Ideally, they would have used a professional Melbourne vacate cleaning company to spruce the place up, but in case they didn’t, it’s a good idea to ensure all those nasty germs and grime are gone and the place smells fresh.

Before leaving your old place, book in an exit cleaner (AKA a vacate cleaner, end of lease cleaner or a bond back cleaner) to clean your new place properly, and then once you move, get them to clean your old place too. You already have enough on your plate to worry about. Leave the cleaning to a professional crew who can get the cleaning done to a high standard and in a quick turnaround time.

A bond back cleaning service will help you to secure the return of your original deposit by getting the property cleaned to the standard required by a real estate agent or landlord. This will free up some money that you could probably use after all the moving costs have left you out of cash. It’s also a nice idea to get all the windows cleaned at the same time so that you can move into a pristine space and have a whole new fresh start.

3. Change the Locks

No matter who previously lived in your new home, you need to change the locks as soon as you take possession, or as soon as you get access to the property. There’s simply no way of knowing how many copies of keys the previous residents handed out or may have lost somewhere, so for peace of mind and security, book in a locksmith post haste! And you don’t want the former owners or their adult children ‘popping back’ for anything down the track!