Cleanliness is imperative to a healthy life. The physical and emotional well-being of an individual is largely dependent on the ethos of his or her living space and surroundings. No matter where you live, dust and other irritants are bound to accumulate, dirtying the place. Squalor doesn’t limit itself to dust alone; it encompasses a larger proportion of mites, fungi, spores and other particles in the air which are often not visible to the naked eye. If they aren’t cleaned out regularly, they can lead to severe health concerns such as asthma, bronchitis, wheezing and so on, besides leading to ugly fungal patches on beddings, furniture and walls.

house detail cleaningThough one might indulge in regular dusting and cleaning of their space, it is important to have a professional service engaged to execute this in a thorough manner. Looyin Cleaning Services is at the forefront of all house cleaning services in Melbourne. At Looyin, we understand the need for deep cleaning at your homes and personal spaces. Keeping in mind the potential areas which attract dust and mite accumulation at your homes, we offer a plethora of services including carpet steam cleaning, house detail cleaning, move out cleaning, spring cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning and more.

We understand that your homes and articles need a deep cleaning to eradicate all minute dust and other unfavourable elements. Equipped with a team of experts who have garnered exceptional skills over the years and facilitated by modern equipment and technology, we ensure that our services are spotless, literally! Also provides customised vacate cleaning packages, which cover everything that your Landlord would expect, in order to return your bond back in full. Keeping in mind the diverse range of materials and their subjective sensitivity, the cleaning products we use comply with global standards, without the worry of damage or colour loss.

house cleaning serviceBesides the regular cleaning that you may require, we also specialize in moving in, moving out, and lease-end cleanings. Depending on the demands of the season, we offer apt packages during spring and winters. Understanding the diverse needs of our customer base, we are more than happy to customize our packages. Our process commences with the team visiting your home or property to assess the space and determine the extent of services that will be required. Based on this, we give an approximate quote to the customer. On approval, the team starts the work. For larger possessions such as carpets and mattresses, they are often shifted to our worksites to complete the specified services. Alongside rendering quality services, we ensure that we are light on the pocket.